About us

In Ultimate Software Solutions, inc  we offer the following services to our costumers ,but we are not limited to the ones listed below.

- Personalized Software :

We create personalized software and install it in your servers or stand-alone computers . It can also be web based so it can be accessed remotely from anywhere worldwide.We maintain and update it, and also make modifications according to our customer needs. This is quite convenient for those customers that need specific programs to run their companies or small business since the software would be flexible to modifications and can be setup exactly as you want.


- Web development and deployment:

All companies need to advertize , and nowadays the best way is thru the growing market that internet offers. That is why the need of a website to show the world what your business is about. We can build a Dinamic Website for your company or just for your personal use.The site will be updated and/or upgraded according to your needs and the fees are very low.Our programmers work with the highest top technology to integrate the websites to the fast growing market so you will always be updated and have a very functional site.


- Computer sales and installations :

The prices of our computers, directly purchased from the manufacturers, are very much lower than the regular prices in the market. Besides you can customize them according to your needs. We install them and offer an extended warranty as well as a scheduled maintenance to all the equipment you purchase from us, which are not limited to computers but also printers, connection (network)devices, peripherals and special ordered equipment.


- Maintenance and Repair:

All information technology systems need to have maintenance in a regular basis in order to keep them properly working at 100% capacity. We provide different Maintenance Plans adjustable to your specific computers configurations , hence you will have a reliable system always working for you, no worries, no surprises.

Besides we provide on-site repair and our comitment time will always be less than 24 hours. So we have you covered under any circunstances , 24/7.


- Data BackUp

Performing a regular backup of the critical files on your computer is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible computer user. Critical files include documents that you create as well as other unique files such as your email in box. Backups are particularly important for original research data . Data that can represent months or years of work, and that can be nearly impossible to recreate.Our onsite Backup software once installed and configured, will automatically back up your system at a specified time each workday. A desktop client, installed on the server, can be used to recover files 24x7. File recovery is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Besides we provide on call and onsite assistance in case of an emergency.


- Surveilance Systems :

Imagine you are 20, 100 or 1000 miles from your home or office and you want to know what is going on there. All you have to do is push a button in your cellphone or hit a key in your portable computer and you will see in real time what is happening. That is possible if you install a security cameras system. A surveilance system will help you to keep video track of your place, no matter where you phisically are. And in the unfortunate event of a robbery you will have the thieves recorded and capture by the police. Doesn''t it sound great? not only great but worthy.


- Network setup and admin, Information security and Antivirus protection :

If you have a small network in your business, this is the time to contract proffesionals to take care of it ,and the security of your data and connections.Our fees are the lowest in the market and you will never need to worry about connectivity issues or loss of information. If you have a private small network at home we can set it up and secure all your information as well. To protect your network and computers from Viruses that can destroy all your programs and data , is a crucial important fact that we also garantee.We also provide Wireless network setup at your convenience.


- Customer Support 24/7:

You can call as anyday at anytime. We will always be there to help you out to solve any issues. We provide remote assistance to solve any emergency with your computers and softwares, and even more...If you need us to be there.Count on it.! Our goal is your satisfaction !